Gutsy Gal Gatherings
3rd Annual Summer Power Circles

Become A Powerful Creator
Breakthrough Your Inner Glass Ceiling and Shine like a Diamond

July & August Beach Circles
Live Virtual Circles for Women

“Speak your truth, step into your brilliance, and rise up to your full potential”

Kicking-off with a Summer Solstice
Ignite Your Potentials Circle

June 25th 6:30-9:00 PM

@the Beach ~ Middletown, NJ area
or ONLINE Thursday June 27th 6:30-8:30 pm EST

Three Areas for ‘Power Creation” that’ll transform your life:

The Power of You
The Power of Being A Women
The Power of Sisterhood

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Presenter & Facilitator:

 Roe Couture DeSaro

TEDx Speaker, Transformation Coach, Gutsy Gal
Multi Award-Winning Serial Entrepreneur

In ‘The Power of’ Series You’ll:

  • Find Your Unstoppable Calm Confidence that you can tap into in any situation

  • Trust your voice so you could make right decisions that you don’t second guess

  • Discover Your Super Powers to apply to your business, career & life

  • Transform your insecurities, wounds, jealousies, competitive patterns and claim your true radiance, unity and power!

  • Break though your personal glass ceilings

  • Explore parts of yourself you’ve been hiding or isolating

  • Release what no longer serves you while energizing what you want

  • Find how supporting other women will activate your own power

  • Leave feeling, reborn, energized and ready to take inspired action

 Our Intention

Is for you to experience stepping into your brilliance, speaking your truth and rising up into your feminine power with a community of women who have your back. These are success circles that are safe and loving, one where you can show up as your authentic self without fear of judgment. One where you will be seen and heard as the beautiful woman that you are. These weekly gatherings of women will not be ordinary. Be prepared for an immersive and invaluable deep dive experience and transformation with movement, exercises, meaningful conversations, open heart, flow and lots of love. First hour is a master transformation class, followed by an hour of implementation and conversations that move the needle for you.

 Our Mission

Since I founded Gutsy Gals Get More, I wanted to bring women together that leaves them walking away knowing that they are ‘Valuable’ and ‘Brilliant’ in their own skin so that they can manifest and build a life that encompasses a stress-free fearless and wildly profitable business/career that is fun, expressive and fulfilling. One without self-critical thinking, self-judging, fears and most of all showing up in masculine energy in all the wrong places. Balancing your feminine & masculine energies is our new model for success. Igniting your super powers is how we do it.

Break Through Your Inner Glass Ceiling and Be Limitless

 Our Location

The calm and tranquil setting of a quiet beach in the Middletown area, (exact location announced after registration). Rise to Peaceful Mornings &/or Serene Sunsets overlooking the NYC skyline, hearing the healing sounds of the ocean as our backdrop. For those who live long distance we will have our gatherings online via video, using zoom technology. Both of these settings provides us the ability to expand our businesses/careers & life the feminine way for even greater results. Leave the pushing, demanding, grinding, do-do-do way to the masculine. Experience how indulging into the lusciousness of your own pleasures allows you to feel the thrill of victory & achievement.

8 Circles in 10 Weeks…Broken down into 2 Major Themes…with a Grand Finale


The Power of Knowing Who You Are
Breaking Thru Your Inner Glass Ceiling


The Power of Finding Your True North Star
Your Feminine Radiance


The Power of Co-creation and Collaboration

This is For You if…

  • You want to create your masterpiece that you’ve been putting off

  • You find yourself in procrastination and stuckness
  • You are in overwhelm more than you care to be

  • You give away your power
  • You want to be the woman you are capable of being

  • You want to earn what you are worth
  • You want to stop playing small

  • You want to learn about the missing link for women to be successful in biz and life

Three options of times/ways for saying YES to YOU Eight different themed Coaching Circles; 22 circles in all! Mix and Match and Double Dip (hey, it’s Summer, we need to be flexible)

 Morning Glory on the Beach

6:30-8:30 AM
July 1st, July 11th, July 17th, July 25th,
Aug 8th, Aug 16th, Aug 21st

 Sunset on the Beach

6:30-8:30 PM
July 2nd, July 9th, July 23rd, Aug 6th,
Aug 14th, Aug 22nd, Aug 28th

 LIVE Virtual Experience

12:00-1:30 PM
July 10th, July 24th, Aug 7th, Aug 15th,
Aug 23rd, Aug 29th, Sept 10th


 June 25th** Ignite Your Potentials Kickoff Beach Circle

$35.00 now $20

Friends & Family Discount is now on!

day of circle is $40 now $25
**Online Live Version June 27th**


 Full Summer Seriese


Save $300 from regular price.
Includes Kick-off Circle and recordings of the Eight Master Training’s, Availability to Mix & Match Circles or attend all 22 circles, FIRST FIVE women will receive a Private Strategy Coaching Session to Process & Implement the Breakthroughs in Your Life.

Register by June 21st and receive BONUS of
How to Sign On New Clients with Grace & Ease Online Course (valued at $697)


$35.00 now $20

Friends & Family Discount is now on!

day of circle is $40 now $25
**Online Live Version June 27th**



Save $300 from regular price.
Includes Kick-off Circle and recordings of the Eight Master Training’s, Availability to Mix & Match Circles or attend all 22 circles, FIRST FIVE women will receive a Private Strategy Coaching Session to Process & Implement the Breakthroughs in Your Life.

Register by June 21st and receive BONUS of
How to Sign On New Clients with Grace & Ease Online Course (valued at $697)


I’m so happy to have met Roe! I have spent so much money working with business coaches and NONE compare to her. Her knowledge of women in business has been the answer to my prayers. She is so unique in the sense that she dives into your strengths and weaknesses and provides a comprehensive plan to showcase your true brilliance. Since working with her I’ve become a revenue machine! Month over month I’m exceeding my goals. She got me to think big and provided the action steps to make it happen! Roe is amazing! Thank you!

- Marie Maglio

“People have always called me gutsy, but I was starting to play it safe due to criticism from others when I met Roe. The best money I ever spent was hiring Roe. She took me on quite a journey helping me reorganize my business and redefine my goals which is what I hired her for. But I got so much more! I didn’t even know what I needed from Roe that she had to give me. She helped me recognize and embrace the unique parts of my personality and talents including my Maverick. She gave me the courage to be transparent. She gave me back my gutsy, but oh so much better and clearer than ever before. I really like who I’ve become under Roe’s coaching. She has an amazing ability to look within you and pull out your very best that you don’t even know exists. I’m not only a better, more effective entrepreneur from Roe’s coaching, but I’m also a much better person. Thank you, Roe, for a wonderful experience that changed my business and my life from the inside out” ”

- Patsy Rae Dawson

“The experience unveiled to me during Roe’s Gutsy Feminine Mastery Circle was not only uplifting but transformational in a way I didn’t think my mind was capable of comprehending. This new heightened awareness of self-love, self-acceptance, self-forgiveness and self-discovery has allowed me the privilege to welcome all the positive reinforcements in my life that only my mind was holding back. She is a comfort master, encouraging each and every individual to acknowledge their internal potential in a whole new way. Her knowledge and love conveyed throughout the series is not only professional but real. Deciding to attend Gutsy Feminine Mastery Circle was not only the most liberating (& apprehensive) task I have ever committed to, it was the most rewarding: a true testament of women leaders confining in one another and coming together in the most honest and organic way possible. I call all my Gutsy Gal sisters to do the same!”

- Danielle Buccellato

 Meet Your Coach & Facilitator

 Roe Couture DeSaro

Be Feminine
Be Confident
Be Gutsy

Roe is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, four-time bestselling author, TEDx speaker, Certified Business Coach, Feminine Leadership Facilitator and Managing Director for eWomen Network, Inc.

She’s the visionary pioneer of Gutsy Gals Get More, LLC. and go-to expert for women business leaders who yearn to break through their limits and current level of business to create more impact, income and influence without the struggles and sacrifices.

Her coaching circles provide unique experiences where you get to embrace your authenticity and feminine brilliance at any age so you can have absolute clarity and unshakable confidence in everything you do in your business and life.

Prior to starting her own business, she was a young Wall Street Executive, breaking several glass ceilings. Later on, as a partner with E*Trade, she grew her Stock Trading Company to Million plus in Revenues.

She creates a world where females have their voice respected; because she learned how to do it herself.

The Gutsy Gal Goddess Philosophy

Gutsy Gal Goddess Philosophy is about embracing your Authentic Feminine Power

A Gutsy Gal is a woman who will:

Stop Compromising her Values

Stop Self-Destructive Judgement, Self-Doubts and Fears

Start Forgiving Herself and Letting Go of Past Mistakes

Trust and Accept who She is and where She is Today

Discover that where She is Now Does Not Determine Where She Can Be!

Find Her Inner Power to Achieve Her Dreams and Desires

Finds Her Purpose by Aligning Mind, Body and Spirit

In other words:

Gutsy Gals know who they are

Gutsy Gals know their message, loud & clear

Gutsy Gals know their unique brilliance

Gutsy Gals know who they serve

Gutsy Gals know their value

Gutsy Gals know when to say “Yes” to opportunities even when they don’t know “how to” yet

But, Gutsy Gals also know when to say “no” when it doesn’t serve them

Gutsy Gals – “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Gutsy Gals know being true to themselves, with all their imperfections, takes courage and guts but

Gutsy Gals know the reward is living a life that has meaning and purpose!

It takes guts to be extraordinary; Living full out takes guts, Business takes guts

It requires you to be willing to be extraordinary even when you have no clue if anyone will support you!

Realizing you are not alone in your journey of self-discovering how brilliant you truly are and how much the world needs your unique true gifts is one of the first steps towards living a Soulful Gutsy Life.

One that opens yourself up to receiving and growing and living the life you have dreamt.

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