Leading Women for 40 Years

The Original Gutsy Gal

Stockbroker to Funbroker and everything In between.

Your crusader for the Gutsy Gal life.

I’m on a mission to help women lead in their business with a feminine, powerful voice. To step into greatness and their full potential.

When I first started my career, I was unstoppable. I was determined. Having grown up in Brooklyn gave me street smarts, and fueled my drive to succeed. No glass ceiling was going to stop me.

Over a 24 year span, I moved up the career ladder, the Wall Street ladder. I stepped into roles as Regional Product Director, Vice President and Partner.

Crashing the boys club was one heck of a ride. From stock markets crashing, to buyouts, listening to “dream stealers”, building a family, starting my own business, and finally, 9/11, shutting down my stock trading company. Somewhere along the way, part of that unstoppable, determined, Brooklyn girl, was left behind.

Gone was that Gutsy Gal that wanted to rock the world…

At 45 I found myself saying “What do I want to be when I grow up?” The thing is, I’ve always dreamed of hosting live success and personal development seminars. Believing in this dream for over 20 years transformed me into a “personal development geek”. I thought about going into coaching and motivational speaking, when it was only just evolving back in the 90’s.

However, I decided to go the safer route and build a successful direct sales distributorship, which actually involved coaching and motivating, with the added benefit of time freedom.

Through perseverance, I grew my direct sales team to close to 3000 distributors spanning the globe. And yet, something was still missing.

I found myself at a crossroads…

Do I continue in this business, not feeding my soul, or, do I discover what my calling REALLY is and have the guts to follow my Outrageously Unlimited Thinking again?

Well I’m sure you know what happens next, right? Of course you do. Through coaching, I took the time to rediscover my inner Gutsy Gal .

My ah-ha moment! Gutsy Gal was always within me. However, like a muscle, if not nurtured it slowly disappears, sometimes without your noticing. But, with a little attention, your Gutsy Gal comes back!

And that’s exactly what happened to me…

For years, I knew deep down I wanted more. I HAD more to offer. However, I ignored that feeling. Could I REALLY pull off my wildest dreams? What would happen if I failed?

What I discovered, I was unaware of how powerful I truly am. When I took that step to discover the real Roe, I found my calling all along.

I am on a mission, a crusade, to help women find their strong, powerful and authentic self. Where nothing can disturb your passion, peace of mind and success in business..

Why Gutsy Gal ?

Becoming a Gutsy Gal brings equality, money, and time. It helps you play full-out, achieving freedom and fulfillment in business. Our time is now and I am here to share that mission with you.

In my role as a Gutsy Gal Crusader, I’ll teach how to find your voice, feel confident and embrace your inner Gutsy Gal

Discover and overcome your biggest obstacle. Let your Unique Brilliance shine with your own Signature System, Products that sell themselves and Charging your worth!

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