The Gutsy Gal Revolution

When you look at where you are in your life right now, what do you see? Are you where you thought you’d be?

Being a woman comes with its fair share of struggles and challenges. We are often tasked with so many hats that we lose sight of who we really are.
Let’s take a ride down memory lane,

Go back to your 20’s, your early career days. Do you see it? Now feel it. Yeah, there you go – that determined, motivated, ambitious, and Gutsy Gal ready to rock the world.

Remember her?

At this point in your life it may seem like you don’t even know that person anymore. So much has happened – career, business, family – and life. And with those happenings a part of you gets lost in the shuffle. For some of us, that part is a BIG one.

Roe Couture DeSaro, I’m your Crusader for the Gutsy Gal life. Speaker, author, coach and feminine leadership expert, I am passionate about helping you step into your power and take full responsibility for your life. I’m here to help you rediscover your Gutsy Gal so you can have an extraordinary business, and life.

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If you’re ready for success in your business – creating lucrative new programs, charging what you’re worth letting go of perfectionism & overwhelm, pressing reset on your money mindset – then join me inside my Soulfully Successful Private Coaching Program.

These programs provide unique experiences where you get to transform the way you think about your business, money, relationships, clients, and yourself so that you can have absolute clarity and unshakable confidence in everything you do in your business and life.

Business Retreats combine unique experiences focused on personal and business development, giving you the self-care you need and the business growth you desire.

It’s a chance for like-minded women to come together, share their experiences and grow. Currently our retreats are held locally in NJ at Hope Hill Farm where Light to Earth Sanctuary Charity resides.

Deep-dive into a one-day intensive where we get to discover new ways to leverage your genius zone, increase your income and dramatically free your time.

A truly unique opportunity to work together in a private intensive that isn’t like anything else out there. We will create a customized, profitable path to 6-figures that perfectly aligns with your passion and who you are.

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If you don’t build a strong foundation in YOU, then you are going to miss the mark every time. You are the missing piece that can’t be left out!

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